Tax advice from an Expert

Cross-border cooperation between tax authorities contributes to a correct taxation of income and assets in each country. 


The exchange of global knowledge through our international network will ensure that a tax burden will be optimized, and that after returning to a home country there are no unwanted local tax authority surprises.


We offer advice in:

  • Filing domestic tax applications
  • Preparation of international tax allocations
  • Advice on international tax treaties
  • Tax efficient transfer of occupational pension funds
  • Creating mid-year tax returns after entry or departure
  • Reclamation of witholding tax

To file a standard domestic tax application, we can offer you three convenient flat-rates:


Type A l CHF 185.- Type B l CHF 240.- Type C l CHF 300.-

1 person, real


with  flate-rate

deduction, up to 5

securities positions


2 persons, real


with flat-rate deduction,

up to 7 securities



2 persons, real


with detailed deductions or up to 10 securities positions


Additional Fees:

Mid-year tax declaration


CHF 100.-
Surcharge - canton other than Zurich   CHF 100.-
Intercantonal allocation of assets and income
  CHF 100.-
International allocation of assets and income   CHF 250.-
Tax equalisation calculation   CHF 380.-
Tax representation   CHF 100.-
Additional asset holding/bank account   CHF   10.-
Form A (self-employed)   upon workl load, min. CHF 80.-
Form DA-1 (reclaim of foreign withholding tax)   CHF 20.- per position min. CHF 80.-
Urgent: get your tax declaration in 10 days   CHF   50.-
Top urgent: get your tax declaration in 2 days   CHF 100.-
For all other cases, please ask for an individual quote!


Our fees for tax advice:


Advice for Swiss taxes we charge an hourly rate of CHF 275.-

Advice for international taxes we charge an hourly rate between CHF 275.- and CHF 378.- depending on complexity.


If you would you like to take advantage of this offer, call us on

+41 (0)44 523 66 77 or email us at

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