We are Deloris Ltd.

Our mission is simple: We give our clients security and time, because we support you wherever questions about taxes, finances, real estate, insurances or e.g. your company arise. No matter if you are a private person, SME, start-up or foreign company. We take our clients seriously. And whatever goal you have, we will accompany you on the way there.

Well, some of our clients come to us again and again not only because we offer them sound solutions from one source, which we implement consistently, but because they simply feel comfortable and understood with us. And to be honest, we can actually live with that quite well...

By the way, more than 3,800 clients trust us. When was the last time you dealt with your tax optimization, insurance, pension planning or real estate financing? One thing is already certain: wherever you want to go, we will accompany you there!

www.expatriates-switzerland.com is a service of Deloris AG, a consultancy firm based in Zurich- Enge close to Paradeplatz.


Due to the increasing demand for expatriates consulting and advice, we have geared our service specifically to expatriate needs.


We understand the needs and issues of our clients regarding life in Switzerland and the business of returning to a home country.


Our mission is to provide the highest level of advice through a global network of independent consulting firms, and we make sure that we provide sophisticated global solutions for demanding global players.


What Our clients say about us: